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  • 10/19/17--20:04: Beef it up with BT Weekend
  • TXULETON, tri-tip. Wagyu, dry-aged. Longhorn, shorthorn. These are just some of the terms tripping off the tongues of beef connoisseurs as they embark on their quest for the ultimate steak. Find out more about the latest meaty trends in this weekend's magazine.

    Check out also how seemingly banal objects such as a cassette tape or iPhone can become such powerful works of art in the hands of Michael Craig-Martin. And follow veteran boutique hotel designer Anouska Hempel as she makes her debut in a Singapore property.

    In Singapore's quest to build our cartoon network, have local animation studios fallen by the wayside? Our Brunch feature in the main paper takes a hard look at the state of the industry.

    Disrupted speaks to Soho, a brave new app from Australia that will soon launch in Singapore, taking on big names such as PropertyGuru and 99.co in an already saturated property search market.

    Harvey Weinstein may be the talk of the town, yet the online chatter is but a cheap response to heinous controversy, says Sass & The City.

    Hospitality is a big part of sports marketing, and the BNP Paribas Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Finals Racquet Club programme is a swinging success, as The Finish Line finds out.

    Wondering what to do with that en bloc windfall? We suggest you trade up to the world's finest motorcar - the new Rolls-Royce Phantom. Yours for S$1,778,888 and up. Also in BT Motoring, why Mercedes is the king of SUVs, and reviews of Mazda's new CX-9 and the Mercedes-Benz GLC 200.

    To subscribe, visit btsub.sg/weekend.

    Friday, October 20, 2017 - 10:58

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    They set up companies to fraudulently collect fees from over 300 foreign job-seekers, but the problem was - there were no actual jobs.

    Two Singaporean businessmen will now face a total of 442 charges for operating the sham businesses, fraud and breaches in agency operations.

    Both Terry Tan Soo I-Hse, 39, and Clarence Lim Jun Yao, 30, face charges for fraudulent trading under the Companies Act, as well as charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act for making false statements in connection with a work pass application. Tan-Soo faces an additional charge under the Employment Agencies Act for breaching employment agency licensing conditions. 

    Tan-Soo was the director of an employment agency Asia Recruit, now known as Alliance Recruit, while Lim was the director of Asiajobmart and UUBR, now known as Connectsia.

    The two had submitted a total of 449 work pass applications to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), of which 445 were rejected. 

    MOM has imposed a ban on Lim, Asiajobmart and UUBR from employing any new foreign workers and from renewing work passes. Asia Recruit's employment agency licence has also been suspended.

    If convicted under the Companies Act, the two may be sentenced to a jail term of up to seven years, or a fine of up to $15,000, or both, for each charge. 

    Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, the two may face of up to two years, or a fine of up to $20,000, or both, for each charge.

    Breach of licencing conditions under the Employment Agencies Act also carries imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of up to $5,000, or both, for each charge.

    MOM reminds job seekers that they should not pay fees to their agencies until they have successfully been offered a place with an employer. 


    Friday, October 20, 2017 - 11:47

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    Low-cost carrier AirAsia is set to relocate its operations at Singapore's Changi Airport from Terminal 1 to the new Terminal 4 on Nov. 7.

    Starting on that day, all AirAsia flights will depart from and land at Terminal 4. No changes will occur in the airline's schedule at the airport.

    According to a press release issued on Thursday, passengers are advised to arrive at Terminal 4 at least three hours prior to their departure to ensure a smooth process at the new terminal.

    Those travelling to the airport using the MRT can make their way to the Terminal 2 arrival area and use a free 24-hour shuttle bus that runs every 10 minutes to reach Terminal 4.

    AirAsia Singapore CEO Logan Velaitham said the move was in line with the carrier's vision to become a "digital airline."

    "Our focus this year is to implement a Fast and Seamless Travel [FAST] service," said Velaitham.

    At Terminal 4, AirAsia is said to provide 19 check-in desks, 14 bag-drop machines, two document-screening counters and two payment counters at Line 4 and a group check-in service at Line 5.

    The newest terminal of Changi is set to open on Oct. 31.

    Friday, October 20, 2017 - 12:40

    More about

    Changi Airport

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    Pool together all your resources, buy a home, and become an overnight millionaire by selling it off years later-that is, in a nutshell, the Singaporean dream.

    The promise of your flat funding your retirement is no doubt a key motivator to those who empty their CPF accounts and sign up for massive loans to buy a home.

    That all sounds reasonable enough, until you realise that most residential property in Singapore is on a 99-year lease.

    Being a very young nation, it's only recently that we've started to come to terms with the fact that these leases will someday expire-and, as the government has been repeating ad nauseum, that homeowners can't expect their HDB flats to be snapped up in the SERS en bloc exercise.

    In June this year, the owners of 191 private terraces at Lorong 3 Geylang were told that the land on which their houses rest will be taken back by the SLA at the end of 2020 when their 60-year leases expire.

    But before Singaporeans lose their heads and panicking about how their flats are going to fail them as retirement assets, here are some things to know about HDB flats on 99-year leases.


    The announcement about the Geylang lease expiry sent some owners of older flats into a panic, which is pretty understandable, since the prospect of having to return to the government the home you've spent almost your entire life paying for, leaving you homeless and bereft of retirement funds in old age, isn't exactly very pleasant.

    But we don't know for sure that that will happen to HDB flats. The Geylang lease expiry incident is quite a different beast as it involves the expiration of a land lease.

    By contrast, 99-year HDB flat owners are issued a lease of a unit on land that belongs to the state. We're taking a stab in the dark here, but the option is still open to the government to issue fresh leases to homeowners at a price if there are no redevelopment plans in the works.

    We can only cross our fingers and hope.


    HDB flats remain a reliable investment… so long as you get a new one with a fresh 99-year lease.

    And luckily for Singaporeans, these new HDB flats are cheaper than older ones in mature estates when bought as BTO flats.

    We've already talked about the dangers of buying old HDB resale flats. Given the fact that newer flats tend to be more affordable in the first place, buying an older flat is a lifestyle choice that we can choose to avoid.

    What's more, you're not obliged to keep your flat forever.

    Given that HDB flats tend to perform well as investment vehicles in the short to medium term, but then depreciate over the long term, it's probably a good idea to sell your new flat in a decade or two, and hopefully make some cash while doing so.


    Let's be clear about this-despite the fact that our high home ownership rate is often thought of as something to be proud of, there are disadvantages just as there are advantages.

    For instance, if you buy a flat in Joo Koon and get a job in Changi Business Park, you don't have the option of moving closer to work. There is a trade-off between ownership and flexibility.

    It's now being argued that if flats are no longer guaranteed retirement assets, more Singaporeans might be better off renting.

    Be that as it may, for many Singaporeans buying a home still makes sense. Owning a home means you're free to do as you please, including selling it in order to turn a profit, or renting it out for income.

    But of course, if Singaporeans want their flats to be good investments, they'll need to make wise buying decisions, which means avoiding older flats.


    As flats' leases run their course, their usefulness as a retirement asset diminishes. The schemes the government has put in place to help people harness their flats' value for retirement may no longer be applicable as the flat ages.

    For instance, there's the Lease Buyback Scheme, which allows elderly Singaporeans to sell part of their flat's lease to the HDB to fund their retirement. The catch is that this doesn't work if you've got less than 20 years left on your lease.

    The Silver Housing Bonus offers a cash bonus to elderly folk who sell their larger flats, downgrade to a smaller one and channel some of their sale proceeds into their CPF Retirement Account.
    Obviously, in order to turn a decent profit on the sale of your flat, you need to sell it before its value gets eroded by the dwindling number of years left on its lease.

    Once again, the importance of viewing your home purchase as a strategic move cannot be stressed enough. Think long-term, and plan how you intend to get the maximum value out of your home.


    Singapore is a very young country, and the Lorong 3 Geylang land has been the first example of what could happen when a lease runs out.

    Other than that, we've had no precedents we can refer to. So essentially, we have no idea what is going to happen to HDB flats when they reach the end of their 99-year leases, if they haven't already been snapped up in the SERS en bloc scheme.

    It's possible the government will offer owners the chance to renew their leases. It's also possible that, as value diminishes at the tail end of a lease, the flats' main value to owners will be as a source of rental income.

    So, should you sell your flat early on in the game, or should you hold on to it for most of your life? Only time will tell.

    Do you think 99-year lease HDB flats are a good retirement asset? Share your views in the comments!

    Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 11:00

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    Living in a concrete jungle like Singapore, we tend to forget that we are still surrounded by pockets of nature with wildlife such as boars, otters, monkeys and monitor lizards. Some wild animals even tend to pop up in our neighbourhoods too due to urbanisation.

    While some animals may look cute and cuddly, not all of them are friendly.

    On Thursday, a man in his 40s was injured by a wild boar at Hillview Avenue. He sustained cuts and lacerations on both legs. Other wildlife such as monitor lizards are known to be sighted in bizarre places in Singapore and crocodiles were spotted near Changi Beach too.

    So what should you do if you cross paths with a wild animal ?

    Besides applying common sense, here are some tips and advice from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).


    People have been seen feeding wild boars in the Lorong Halus area, raising concerns.Photo: The New Paper

    Wild boars are unpredictable and can be dangerous, especially female ones that are protecting their young.

    Keep a safe distance from it, do not try to feed it and move away slowly. Do not attempt to take a photograph as it may be provoked should the flashlight go off.


    Photo: The New Paper

    Most of the stray dogs are scared of humans and will stay out of your way, but some are known to approach and sniff you out. When that happens, do not run and stay calm, as it may give chase if you do so.

    Instead, fold your arms and walk slowly in the opposite direction.

    Do not stare at the dog as it may see it as a challenge and react aggresively. Most importantly, do not shout or make sudden movements to shoo it away, as it may think that it is in danger or that you want to play.


    Photo: Stomp

    Monitor lizards are shy although they are seen quite frequently at neighbourhoods. Do not touch or chase them as they will attack when provoked or cornered.

    Although monitor lizards kill their prey with their venom, this venom has a relatively mild effect on humans. If bitten, see a doctor immediately because the bite can be infected.


    Photo: The New Paper

    Monkeys here are considered a nuisance as they are known to enter housing areas in search for food.

    They are also known to attack or bite, so if you do encounter monkeys, stop whatever you are doing, remain calm and quiet. Do not make sudden movements and do not maintain direct eye contact with the monkeys. If you're holding an object that is attracting them, discard it as soon as you can.

    One thing not to do is to run or try to hit them. If you have a child with you, AVA suggests you put him or her on your shoulders to increase your perceived size, in order to deter the monkeys from approaching.

    Keep away from the area until the monkeys have left.


    Photo: The Straits Times

    Many people have spotted wild otters along the waterways of Singapore and most observe them from afar.

    This is the wise thing to do, as otters can be protective of themselves and their young if they get cornered and cannot escape.

    If you encounter an otter, do not attempt to touch it, chase or corner it. Taking pictures is okay as long as there is no flash photography. Do not feed them too as they can find their own food in the wild and their natural eating habits help to keep the ecosystem healthy.


    Photo: China Daily/Asia News Network

    Snakes are a common sight and there have been reports of snakes entering houses via the air-conditioning unit, drain pipes and even toilet bowls.

    If you do see a snake in your house, stay calm and do not attack it with a broom or stick. Keep the children or pets away and close all the doors and windows, except those that lead outside. Leave an escape route for the reptile.

    If you encounter a snake in an open area, cover it with a heavy blanket or towel. Place heavy things around the edge of the blanket or towel so that the snake cannot slip away. Go and get help either from AVA or ACRES.

    If you see a snake in your garden, spray it gently with a water hose while keeping your distance. This will persuade the snake to leave the area.

    And, if there's a snake in your drawer or behind furniture, leave it alone, move everyone away from the immediate area and most importantly, do not attempt to interact with it at all. Call for professional help, while keeping an eye on the snake from a safe distance.

    Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 09:31

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    He spent a decade caring for his unwell mum, now home chef Melvyn Oliveiro has taken ill himself and needs a helping hand.

    The 53-year-old Singaporean was recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver and gallbladder cancer and received a grim prognosis.

    He has less than a year to live.

    Oliveiro asked "Why me? Why wasn't there a warning sign?" when he learnt about his condition this August.

    He had experienced no symptoms of the disease until he was recently admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital's emergency department for chest pain, he told AsiaOne in an interview.

    An electrocardiogram taken that day ruled out heart problems but a scan revealed a tumour in his gallbladder. They also found out that the cancer had already spread to his liver.

    Oliveiro sought a second opinion at Singapore General Hospital which confirmed the diagnosis.

    Further checks including MRI and CT scans, gastroscope, and biopsies revealed that the disease had damaged the organs so undergoing surgery to remove the cancer cells is not an option, doctors told him.

    He has yet to start cancer treatment and is currently taking pain relief medicine.

    Several week-long stays in the hospital have also exhausted his savings, he said.

    Instead of dwelling on why he had cancer, Oliveiro is focusing getting better with the support from his friends.

    Race against the clock in battle against cancer

    Selling home-cooked food is the man's only source of income these days.

    With his savings and Medisave depleted, Oliveiro is worried about not being able to afford the course of cancer treatment that his doctor has prescribed for him.

    He is due to start chemotherapy next month which will include a minimum of eight sessions that cost between $5,000 and $6,000 each.

    Oliveiro does not have private insurance and said that MediShield Life is not likely to help cover the full cost of the treatment.

    Another setback for him is that there is no guarantee that chemotherapy would extend his lifespan.

    As Oliveiro lives alone in a flat in Toa Payoh Lor 1, he will also require some assistance while coping with potential side effects of the treatment such as fatigue, nausea, and pain.

    He has spoken with social workers from the hospital but said that they have yet to initiate any financial aid.

    Dutiful son who left life behind in the US to care for ailing parents

    In 2000, Oliveiro left for the United States to work as a quality manager for America West Airlines. He also got married there.

    But when he received news that his father was in ill health in 2005, he flew back to Singapore.

    Shortly after his father's death, Oliveiro's mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and pneumonia.

    As the eldest son in the family, he left his life and possessions behind in the US to take care of his parents. He also parted ways with his wife who was reluctant to relocate to Singapore.

    "Losing monetary possessions is nothing compared to caring for your parents," he said.

    With assistance from a domestic helper, Oliveiro became his mother's sole caregiver until her passing in 2015.

    During this time, he managed restaurants such as North Indian restaurant Tandoor at Holiday Inn Parkview, drawing salaries between $2,500 and $2,800.

    But most of his income and savings were spent on his mother's medical treatment and daily living expenses.

    Becoming a home chef

    After his mother's death, Oliveiro said that it was difficult to find a job at his age.

    "People may suggest becoming a Grab or Uber driver, or setting up a hawker stall if you have the funds," he said.

    Although he can cook well, Oliveiro did not have the capital to start his own business after many years of caregiving.

    A friend suggested that he cook and sell food from his home, so Oliveiro decided to become a home chef and started operating on various online platforms such as Dine Inn.

    Whipping up delicious Peranakan dishes at home

    "Fortunately, my mum taught me the art of cooking when I was young," Oliveiro quipped.

    Brought up in a Peranakan household, he picked up his culinary skills and family recipes from his mother.

    He learnt how to toast belachan (shrimp paste), choose the best chili, and haggle for better deals with market stallholders, he said.

    Oliveiro described himself as a purist and said: "if it's not authentic Peranakan food, I'm not going to send it out."

    And like a professional chef, he takes no shortcuts when he prepares his dishes and sources for the freshest ingredients when he receives orders.

    The home chef also tells his customers what to expect when they receive their orders, noting that those tasting authentic dishes for the first time may not be familiar with the unique flavours of heritage cuisine.

    Some of Oliveiro's most popular dishes include Ayam Buah Keluak, a chicken stew with pangium edule nuts, and Papaya Titek, a peppery seafood soup.

    On social media, many diners raved about his Peranakan dishes such as Gado Gado Magetan, Peranakan Ayam Pongteh and Sambal Nanas.

    His home-cooked dishes have also earned praises from big names in local dining scene such as Benny Se Teo, owner of Eighteen Chefs, Catherine Ling from popular food and travel blog Camemberu, KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra, as well as Pam Oei from local musical cabaret group Dim Sum Dollies.

    KF Seetoh was so impressed by the Papaya Titek he had tasted at Oliveiro's home, he asked if there were leftovers that he could bring home.

    It is reviews like these that "encourage me to do better (in my cooking) every time," the home chef said.

    And his cooking prowess has not gone unnoticed, for he was recently featured preparing Ayam Pongteh in one of Dine Inn's video tutorials.

    on Facebook

    If you haven't tried Melvyn's Ayam Pongteh before, you NEED to order it right now! 😍 For those who have been backing us...

    Posted by Dine Inn - 百家味 on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    When asked if there's a person he would like to cook for, Oliveiro lit up and said: "I would like to cook for everyone, especially Anthony Bourdain, an American chef whom I met in Singapore years ago."

    Oliveiro said that the culinary guru is currently working with KF Seetoh to bring Singapore street food to New York and he wants to be there when it happens.

    Benny Se Teo

    Benny Se Teo

    A post shared by Melvyn Oliveiro (@melvyn_oliveiro) on

    Getting help from supportive friends

    "I would love to cook and sell my food but I'm getting weaker by the day," Oliveiro said as he paused to catch his breath.

    He is currently not well enough to continue being a home chef. The most recent meal he hosted was for a St Joseph's Institution schoolmate and his office associates about two or three weeks ago.

    Since then, Oliveiro has been going in and out of the hospital.

    Phoebe visits Melvyn at his home.Photo: AsiaOne

    When he gets better, he is keen to share his culinary skills and knowledge with others like his new-found friend - 10-year-old Phoebe Lim.

    Lim had learnt about Oliveiro's condition on Facebook and started a charity sale to raise funds for his medical fees.

    Roping in others in her plan, she prepared and sold 100 bottles of sambal chili and raised about $1,500 in total for Oliveiro.

    on Facebook

    Jia You Uncle Melvyn! You will get well soon! Stay strong and happy. Thank you so much for the Gado Gado paste! <3 For...

    Posted by Phoebe Lim on Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    Luke Lee, founder of meal-sharing platform Dine Inn, also helped to set up a fundraising campaign called #SupportMelvyn with the support from fellow hosts.

    Although they had only met in person on a few occasions on roadshows or saw Oliveiro's work online, the hosts had asked Lee what they could do to help him after hearing that he had fallen ill.

    "We don't want him to worry too much. We want him to get some rest and leave the cooking to us," Lee told AsiaOne.

    More than 20 Dine Inn hosts from all walks of life came together to take part in the campaign that ran from Aug 28 to Sept 30.

    Together, they sold more than 500 dishes and raised more than $5,000 for Oliveiro's medical treatment.

    On Tuesday (Oct 17), several Dine Inn hosts, staff, and a sponsor handed the money they had raised from the campaign to Oliveiro in his home.

    While passing him her contribution, fellow host Nisa Azman teared up as she offered him words of encouragement.

    Celebrity chef Eric Teo has also put up a sold-out listing on the platform and will be serving a four-course meal for eight guests on Saturday (Oct 21).

    Besides these, Dine Inn has opened separate listings for direct donations where all proceeds will go to Oliveiro.

    "Just focus on getting better, Phoebe still has to learn cooking from you, bro. We look forward to your stall opening in New York," Lee said, eliciting chuckles from Oliveiro.

    "When I was diagnosed with cancer, all I asked for was spiritual assistance like prayers," Oliveiro said.

    He feels humbled and appreciates each and every one who has reached out to him even without him asking for help, he added.

    Now, with the show of support from his friends, he is even more determined to fight the disease.

    To contribute to Oliveiro's medical treatment fees, visit https://sg.dineinn.com/search?query=supportmelvyn or https://give.asia/story/fight_liver_cancer_with_melvyn.


    Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 09:00

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    A 37-year-old man has been arrested for setting off fireworks at Block 307A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 on Deepavali (Oct 18).

    Stomp reported on the incident after Stomper Ning shared how she had woken up to the sounds of fireworks going off at about 10.27pm.

    “It was so loud and went on for about a minute," she said. "At first, I thought it was an explosion."

    The police said in a news release that officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division conducted extensive ground enquiries before arresting the suspect at 1.30pm on Oct 20.

    Investigations are ongoing.

    If found guilty of the offence of discharge of dangerous fireworks, the suspect can be jailed up to two years and/or fined between $2,000 and $10,000.

    Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 17:13

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    A 23-year-old man has been arrested in Malaysia and extradited back to Singapore on Friday for his suspected involvement in a scam.

    He, along with three other suspects, are believed to be involved in a police officer impersonation scam amounting to $270,000.

    A 39-year-old woman made a police report on July 14 this year, saying she received a call on July 11 from an unknown person claiming to be a police officer.

    She was told that she was being investigated for money laundering offences. The call was then transferred to another unknown person who identified himself as a police officer from a foreign country.

    The victim was told to provide her mobile number, bank account number and credit card details. She was also provided a web link which purportedly listed her as a "suspect" in a money laundering case.

    On July 12 and 13, the victim met up with a few unknown men near Tiong Bahru Market and Kramat Lane, and handed over cash amounting to $270,000.

    After extensive investigations, officers from the Central Police Division established the identities of the suspects.

    Three of them were arrested on July 20 and Aug 25, and one was charged in court on July 22.

    The latest suspect, a 23-year-old man, was arrested in Malaysia with the help and close collaboration with the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP).

    He was extradited back to Singapore on Friday (Oct 20).

    Commander of Central Police Division and Assistant Commissioner of Police Arthur Law expressed his appreciation to RMP for their assistance and arrest.

    "The arrest of the suspect was made possible through the strong support of the RMP, whom we share close ties with.

    "The SPF will do its utmost to track down those who have committed crimes here and flee Singapore thereafter. With the assistance of our counterparts from foreign law enforcement agencies, we will ensure that justice is served."

    on SPH Brightcove


    Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 17:18

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    In case you haven't heard, Singapore drivers can now pay for their parking coupons online using the Parking.sg mobile app.

    But, apparently, despite the app being easy to use, many people have resisted using it, preferring instead to stick with paper coupons.

    We just can't understand why Singaporeans, who are famously tech savvy and order everything from groceries to electronics online, would not want to use this parking app.

    So we came up with a list of five big advantages Parking.sg enables drivers to enjoy:


    Parking apps are already widely used in cities in the US, UK, France and Australia, so we are actually a little behind the times.

    There's a really good reason people overseas have taken to these parking apps so quickly even if they're not as smartphone-addicted as we are. And it's that you're likely to end up paying LESS for parking when you pay using an app.

    That's because you can stop the parking session the minute you get to your car. This allows you to pay on a per-minute basis. You get refunded for any unused balance on your parking coupons.

    You also don't have to worry about activating a parking session and then changing your mind and deciding to leave, since you can simply end the session through the parking app instead of wasting an entire coupon.

    With coupons, on the other hand, you're always forced to pay in chunks of at least 30 minutes. Unless you time yourself so you reach your car exactly when one coupon is expiring, you'll always be overpaying a little.


    When you go out, you want to have a good time, and not be checking your phone every 10 minutes to see if your parking coupon has expired.

    The parking app makes life a lot easier by sending you an alert whenever your coupon is about to expire.

    If you're one of those people who actually sets an alarm on your phone to alert you to the expiry of your parking coupons, Parking.sg can now do this for you automatically.


    Every driver has experienced that super fail moment when they had to run to their car to top up their parking coupons.

    Kiss those days goodbye, as you can choose to extend your parking session on your phone, or just ignore it and then pray the parking enforcement officer doesn't show up.


    Imagine all those wasted minutes you've spent sitting in your car, punching those holes in your parking coupons, contemplating how many coupons you should display on your dashboard.

    Then there are those dreaded moments when you realise you've punched the wrong date. Or when you discover you've run out of parking coupons and start looking around helplessly for a fellow driver who might be kind enough to sell you a few.

    Those days are now over. The parking app is much more convenient than coupons, and lets you activate your parking session within a few seconds. All you have to do is select your car park.


    All payments on Parking.sg are made using a credit or debit card. Which also means that you can benefit from your parking sessions by using a card that will reward you.

    For instance, if you use the American Express True Cashback Card, you get 1.5 per cent cashback on all your parking fees.

    Do you prefer the using the Parking.sg app or parking coupons? Tell us in the comments!

    Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 11:00

    More about

    ParkingMobile apps

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    Stomp contributor Lindy was one of the residents at Block 247 Jurong East Street 24 who were woken up this morning (Oct 22) by a car convoy.

    According to Lindy, she started hearing the car engines revving at around 7.30am.

    "A lot of residents are cursing the loud engine sounds that woke us up!" she said.

    She believes that the convoy was part of a wedding party that had come to a bride's home for the "gatecrashing".

    "There were a few branded cars trying to show off!" she added.

    Lindy shared a video showing the convoy and at least two Ferraris could be seen as part of the lineup.

    The video also showed police officers coming down to the carpark to talk to some of the drivers.

    Stomp understands that the drivers were told to not avoid revving their engines and to not block other motorists with their vehicles.

    In response to Stomp media queries, a police spokesman provided the following lines:

    "On Oct 22 at 7.39am, the police received a call for assistance at Block 247 Jurong East Street 24.

    "The parties involved were advised accordingly.

    "No further police assistance was required."

    Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 18:00

    More about

    <iframe width=100% height="450" src='//players.brightcove.net/4802324446001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5621550190001' allowfullscreen frameborder=0></iframe>

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    Two drivers were injured after a McLaren and taxi were involved in an accident along Yishun Avenue 1 today (Oct 22).

    Stomp contributor Gary was passing by the scene of the accident and said that he saw two ambulances.

    Stomp contributors Ah Boy, Chengying both alerted Stomp to photos of the aftermath that had been posted in Singapore Taxi Driver's Facebook page.

    Stomp contributor Hadi shared more photos and videos of the accident that were circulating online.

    The photos showed that both vehicles badly damaged. The metal frames of the vehicles looked like they had been ripped away.

    In response to Stomp media queries, a police spokesman said that they were alerted to the accident involving a taxi and a car along Yishun Avenue 1 towards Yishun Avenue 8 at 3.59am.

    A 56-year-old male taxi driver and a 27-year-old car driver were conscious when taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

    Police investigations are ongoing.

    McLaren sports car and taxi involved in accident at Yishun

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    The right-hand side of this McLaren was completely ripped away after an accident with a taxi early this morning. (Circulated video shared by Stomper Hadi) Read the full story here:http://bit.ly/2yyNDnZ

    Posted by Stomp on Sunday, 22 October 2017
    Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 18:52

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    Monday, October 23, 2017 - 08:16
    Photos: MMA star Angela Lee announces engagement to fellow fighter

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